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Multicote Controlled Release
Nutricote Premium Controlled Release
Technigro Water Soluble
Bring out the colors of greenhouse & nursery ornamentals.
Multicote 20-5-5 TopDress +minors low price!

Featuring IBDU, a Urea that is released relative to moisture. A total of 17% Nitrogen is in slow release form which is temperature dependent. Completely soil pH independent, with a 2 to 5 month longevity. 50 lb bags, 40 bags per pallet, 20 pallets per truck.

Multicote 20-5-6 TopDress +minors low, low price!

Our most economical nursery blend.
50 lb bags, 40 bags per pallet, 20 pallets per truck.

Amazingly Predictable Performance!
Multicote Controlled Release Fertilizer for Professional Nurseries

Extra - 100% homogeneous coated prills that have it all.

Months @ 70 Degrees
Multicote Extra 15-7-15 4 month #MULTI-15-7-15-4M
Multicote Extra 15-7-15 6 month #MULTI-15-7-15-6M
Multicote Extra 15-7-15 8 month #MULTI-15-7-15-8M
Multicote Extra 14-7-14 16 month #MULTI-14-7-14-16M

NPK-Pro - blended for container or landscape use.

Months @ 70 Degrees
Multicote NPK-Pro 14-14-16 4 month #MULTI-14-14-16-4M
Multicote NPK-Pro 17-7-14 8 month #MULTI-17-7-14-8M
Multicote NPK-Pro 20-6-12 8 month #MULTI-20-6-12-8M
Multicote NPK-Pro 17-6-14 12 month #MULTI-17-6-14-12M
Multicote NPK-Pro 20-5-12 12 month #MULTI-20-5-12-12M
Multicote NPK-Pro 17-5-14 16 month #MULTI-17-5-14-16M
Multicote NPK-Pro 20-5-10 16 month #MULTI-20-5-10-16M

N-Pro - an economical high-nitrogen choice with the full range of nutrients.

Months @ 70 Degrees
Multicote N-Pro 24-5-10 6 month #MULTI-24-5-10-6M
Multicote N-Pro 23-5-10 8 month #MULTI-23-5-10-8M
Multicote N-Pro 22-5-11 12 month #MULTI-22-5-11-12M

Not effected by moisture or pH. Release rate dependent solely on temperature. Sold in 50 pound bags with a formulation for every crop, every time of year. Ask your AHS representative about the formulations available for your growing needs.
Nutricote is Premium Controlled Release Fertilizer

Superior patented release technology for accurate results.

Type = Days @ 77 Degrees
Nutricote 14-14-14 TYPE 100 #14-14-14NUTRI-100
Nutricote 14-14-14 TYPE 140 #14-14-14NUTRI-140
Nutricote 14-14-14 TYPE 180 #14-14-14NUTRI-180
Nutricote Total 13-13-13 TYPE 100 #13-13-13NUTRI-100
Nutricote Total 13-13-13 TYPE 140 #13-13-13NUTRI-140
Nutricote Total 13-13-13 TYPE 180 #13-13-13NUTRI-180
Nutricote Total 18-6-8 TYPE 100 #18-6-8NUTRI-100
Nutricote Total 18-6-8 TYPE 140 #18-6-8NUTRI-140
Nutricote Total 18-6-8 TYPE 180 #18-6-8NUTRI-180

Developed specifically for Greenhouse environments. Every prill is the same - same size, same ingredients. Application without error for the professional grower. Nutricote’s POLYOLEFIN COATING is a unique pliable resin that allows very predictable nutrient release rates. Beneath its special coating, each individual prill of Nutricote contains fertilizer in a uniform, consistent structure, with or without micro nutrients. The rate of release is determined by temperature, slowing down in cool weather and releasing more quickly under warmer temperatures. No more wasted fertilizer due to unexpected changes, Nutricote’s polyolefin coating is uneffected by moisture, pH or microbial activity. Give your plants the nutrients they need, when they need them.

Sold in 50 pound bags, 40 bags per pallet, 20 pallets per truckload. Quantity discounts.

Give your plants the nutrients they need, when they need them.

Also available blended into Sunshine Professional Growing Mixes.

Visit one of our three AHS locations for specification sheets with all the information you need to get started with Nutricote. Or download them at


ALL 25 pound bags

9-45-15 Plus Ideal choice for field or greenhouse transplants. Stimulates root growth, works in low soil temperatures, can be used as a drench.

10-30-20 Plus Encourages strong bud development. Enhances flower size and color.

13-2-13 Plus Great for plugs and bedding plants using relatively pure irrigation water or where excess alkalinity is controlled with acid injection.

15-0-15 Plus Used to supplement calcium and magnesium; great for plugs and bedding plants using relatively pure irrigation water.

15-15-15 Geranium Use on crops that prefer a neutral pH. Effective nitrogen uptake during low light or cooler months.

15-30-15 Plus Acidifying, good general purpose formula for flowering plants.

17-5-24 Plus Great for all crops, especially poinsettias and geraniums. High nitrate formula is an excellent source of magnesium and sulfur.

20-9-20 Plus The BEST formula for a wide range of crops and conditions.

20-10-20 Plus Ready supply of sulfur in a high nitrate, acidifiying formula.

20-18-18 Plus A "peat-lite" version of triple twenty, best choice for warm weather feeding. Higher phosphorous gives a boost to roots and blooms.

20-18-20 All Purpose An improved version of "triple twenty" for warm weather feeding of container grown ornamentals, cut flower beds, turf and landscapes. Effective as a foliar feed.

20-20-20 All Purpose General purpose with lower trace elements.

21-7-7 Acid Special Corrective feed to lower pH or for use with acid loving plants. Contains 10% Sulfur. Can be used as a foliar feed.

24-7-15 Plus For plants grown under warmer conditions. The 3:1:2 ratio is optimum for tropical foliage plant production as well as turf, landscape and interiorscapes.

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