Carts and Dollies

Our carts and dollies have been developed over the years in response to the demands of the industry. We build each cart and dolly to exact specifications with an eye to quality control in every stage of the process. If you don't see the dolly or cart that you need in our extensive list, call us and we'll be glad to manufacture a custom cart for you.

Retail Wagon

Perfect for retail garden centers, our new four wheel Retail Wagon has swivel front steering. The PC-1 easily carries three 1020's or two 17" flats.
#04750-PC-1 (24" x 36" deck)
#04750-PC-2 (36" x 48" deck)

Heavy Duty Narrow Tree Dolly

Heavy Duty Narrow Tree Dolly

This dolly was designed by customer demand. The 30" wide by 20" deep cradle fits through narrow gates (like our Narrow Tree Dolly) but can hold a larger box. The four wheel design allows the user to carry heavier loads than with our regular dollies.
#04750-1208 (4-wheel)
#04750-2M (6-wheel)

Jumbo Tree Dolly

This 5'5" tall dolly with a 34.5" by 22" deep cradle will allow you to move large boxes with ease. Two wheel and four wheel designs.
#04750-1205 (2-wheel)
#04750-1205-2M (4-wheel)

Narrow Tree Dolly

A 21" wide by 16" deep cradle allows this dolly to fit through the narrowest gates and paths with ease. Despite its narrow size, our Narrow Tree Dolly has the reliable strength of our other dollies that you've grown to depend on!

Mighti-Mini Tree Dolly

The Mighti-Mini Tree Dolly is a mere 26 inches wide! The ergonomically comfortable 64" height makes it a snap to move loads of up to 700 lbs. The 9" deep by 18" wide cradle securely holds tree boxes up to 24". As an added feature, the moveable prong adjusts to the height of your can or box for extra security.

Can Cart

Our Can Cart is the perfect accessory for any nursery or greenhouse. Transports a filled 15 gallon nursery can easily. The 19" wheel-to-wheel width allows maneuvering between narrow aisles. A 4'6" ground-to-handle height is ergonomically comfortable for most people.

Push Cart

This heavy duty cart is designed for 60 one gallon cans, 20 five gallon cans, or 10 fifteen gallon cans. Easy to maneuver on concrete or gravel -- a must in the nursery business. The 32" by 72" bed fits through most aisles easily.

Pull Cart

This versatile little cart is a customer favorite! A retailer cart that stands only 12" off the ground with a 21" by 36" open mesh bed.

Nursery Cart

Easy to maneuver for both your customers and employees. The handles are 32" off the ground and are comfortable for most people. The 24" by 48" open mesh bed allows dirt and water to fall through.

Low Boy

If you've ever had to lift heavy plants onto a high cart, you'll appreciate our lowboy. A mere 8" off the ground, it allows you to move items from the ground onto the cart with ease. The mesh bed is 24" wide by 48" long, plenty of room for a number of plants or flats. The balanced design and the comfortable 28" ground-to-handle height, assures an effortless touch to move even the heaviest items.


Our popular wheelbarrows are ideal for the greenhouse, garden center or growing grounds. These hard working wheelbarrows save you steps and pay for themselves many times over. The open-mesh design eliminates water and mud buildup on the bed. The wheelbarrows feature perfect balance on all surfaces and a rack can be attached to both for carrying additional flats. Both wheelbarrows have 26" handle heights.

Small Wheelbarrow bed measures 24" x 36"
Large Wheelbarrow bed measures 26" x 58"

Flat Carrier

Our flat carriers are easy to maneuver and don't interfere with sight lines. The easy-grip handle is 26" off the ground. Each section is 18" wide and 36" long. 8" height between layers.

18 Flat Carrier (pictured) is three layers high
for a total height of 36"
24 Flat Carrier (not pictured) is four layers high
for a total height of 44"

Tracking Trailers

Amazing manuverability! For ease of use with long term durability, nothing can beat our tracking trailers. The 5th wheel steering for both the front and rear axles (connected by rods) allows the trailer to move around tight corners. Optional hitch on rear allows "train" use. Capacity is a whopping 2,000 pounds. Bed measures 48" x 96"

#04750-4x8-TR add sides (shown here)

We can build a custom dolly for you!

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