Soil Saver Jute
Our best selling product for erosion control!

In today's high tech world of synthetic materials and new manufacturing processes, jute still rates as the most dependable and proven erosion control product.

4' x 225' roll #JUTE-4x225

Galvanized Staples

Case of 500
6", 10 gauge #46385-J610

Straw Waddle - Quick, Easy Erosion Control.

Straw fiber rolls are an erosion, sediment and storm water run-off device. They capture sediment and spread water rather than concentrating the flow and volume like drainage swales. Fiber rolls contain 100% natural straw, when left in place they continue to give slope erosion protection.After they decompose, Straw Waddles become part of the landscaping. Straw fiber rolls have been proven to keep our fresh water system free of roaming pollutants.

9" x 25' roll #04050-STRAW WADDLE

Erosion Control Fabric
Ground cover inhibits unwanted weeds, greatly reduces soil erosion, and can filter salt and chemical run-off.

Rolls are 300' long - 3', 4', 6', 10', 12' and 15' widths

Root Barriers

Helping trees live in the urban environment.

Universal Root Barrier are 2 foot long panels that snap together to form an impenetrable barrier. Interior ribs direct root growth downward. Available in depths up to 48".

18" Universal Barrier
26 panels, 52' per case
24" Universal Barrier
20 panels, 40' per case
Geomembrane Water/Bamboo Barriers

Geomembranes are 300' long, smooth rolls of a lightweight, flexible, polyethylene ideal for a wide range of landscape applications. Extremely tough, yet can be formed into any shape and cuts with a utility knife. Light, medium, and heavy in 18", 24", 30", 36", and 48" widths.

Tree Ties

Rubber tree ties protect your trees from element damage while allowing necessary truck expansion. Each tree tie comes with a galvanized nail. Sold in bundles of 100.

24" #TREETIE24
32" #TREETIE32
36" #TREETIE36

Truck Covers All sizes!

Custom fabricated to your dimensions. Choose your fabric, size and grommet placement (corners or every 1' - 5'). Ships UPS anywhere in the continental U.S.

Economy Truck Cover
12 mil
Premium Truck Cover
28 mil
Nursery Truck Cover
provides 82% shade


Red 1” x 300’ #02100-1050
Blue 1” x 300’ #02100-1052
Orange 1” x 300’ #02100-1053
Yellow 1” x 300’ #02100-1054
Lime 1” x 300’ #02100-1061
Orange Glo 1” x 150’ #02100-1056

Flagging Tape

Striped with White

Red Stripe on White 1” x 300’ #02100-1070
Blue Stripe on White 1” x 300’ #02100-1071
Yellow Stripe on White 1” x 300’ #02100-1073
Green Stripe on White 1” x 300’ #02100-1091

Burlap Bags
18" x 30" #BURLAP-BG1830
22" x 36" #BURLAP-BG2236
Burlap Yardage
40" wide, 10 oz.
Sold by the linear yard.
Burlap Grass Sheets
7' x 7', 10 oz.

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