Klerk's Greenhouse Film
Over Thirty Standard Sizes In-Stock!
6 mil Standard Widths:
10', 12', 16', 20', 24', 25', 28', 32', 36', 40', 42', 48', 50'
Many lengths in-stock from 100' - 200'
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K50 Clear
(K-50 = 50 months average life)

We've stocked up on K-50, Klerk's superior quality tri-layer, 4 year UV protection greenhouse film. Klerk's triple layer extrusion method ensures consistent integrity from edge to edge. Thickness & quality you can count on. Sheets & tubed.


Infared film significantly reduces fuel usage while producing a more robust crop through uniform light diffusion. Anti-condensate properties eliminate condensation drops from film, allowing more light to reach your plants during critical morning hours and in winter months when light is lowest.


The perfect film for southwest climates, patented additives lower the internal greenhouse temperature during peak heat hours, reducing the need for watering associated with heat stress, but still provide PAR light that plants need for growth. Slows fungus sporulation. Has all the benefits of premium film; light diffusion, anti-condensate, reduced energy useage. This Cadillac of plastics has a wonderful opalescent sheen, creating a beautiful environment for plants and people alike.

K50 White

No-see-through 6 mil plastic that transmits 45% of available light. Great for propagation or privacy.

Tufflite IV
Cold Frame and Greenhouse
Premium 6 mil, 4 year Film

Features UV block, anti-dust accumulation and chemical resistance properties. Just as the name implies. In widths up to 56'.

Tufflite IV White

Same features and warranty as Tufflite IV with a 55% shade covering.

Nursery Clear is fully warranted for one year, available in 4 or 6 mil. 10' - 40' widths.
Tufflite Drip-Less

Protect your precious blossoms with anti-condensate plastic. This film has all of the properties of Tufflite IV with a special additive that reduces condensation buildup.

Tufflite Infared

Energy saving materials put money in your pocket! All the features of Drip-Less plus special heat retention qualities.

Nursery Black 4 and 6 mil
Construction Film 4 mil



Inflation Fans and Components

AIR DEFLECTOR #66000-1427
Poly Patch Tape

A complete first aid kit for greenhouses - Poly Patch comes on convenient paper-back rolls that assure fast and easy mending. Use Poly Patch to repair rips and tears as well as reinforcement for stress areas.

All rolls are 48' in length.

2" wide #34460-2
4" wide #78220-4
6" wide #78220-6
10" wide #78220-10

Wire Lock

Wire Locks are a galvanized attachment system that helps prevent rips or tears.
Accommodates variations in film thickness.
Sold in sections:
(1) 12' base #50305-BASE
(2) 6.5' PVC coated wires #50305-WIRE

Wire Lock Section

Wire Lock Installed
Liquid Shading Compound

Ready to use in three different formulas providing the right amount of coverage for any application. One 5-gallon bucket covers about 10,000 square feet.

Light Stick - Use for seasonal or temporary shading.

Regular - Good choice for year round shading, excellent for coastal fog and drizzle areas.

Perma Stick - Just as the name implies, permanent shading.

Redusol Xtra shading compound for achieving a weather resistant homogeneous shading. The layer thickness can be controlled by using various concentrations. Dependent on the layer thickness and the weather circumstances one application will be sufficient during the season. ReduSol Xtra can be removed in an easy and safe way with ReduClean. A few rain showers after spraying, ReduClean will result in a sparkling clean greenhouse.
15 liter #02327-201015

ReduClean compound remover is the product to remove ReduSol Xtra. Like the shading agent, ReduClean has to be diluted with water before the application. Several minutes after spraying ReduClean the shading layer can be washed away by applying water.
25 liter #02327-201013-25L

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