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Other uses include: transplanting, bareroot planting, lawns, groundcover, indoor plants and life extention of cut flowers

Hormex Rooting Powder

Hormex Rooting Powders are successfully used by professional growers thoughout the world to increase profits. Hormex powders contain Indole 3 Butyric Acid, recognized as the foremost plant growth regulator. The uniform dispersion manufacturing assures no "Burnout" worries. Sold by the pound.

Rooting Powder #1: herbaceous plants, Poinsettia, Rose, Fushia, Bougainviliea, and Willow

Rooting Powder #3: Arborvitae, Azaleas, Blueberry, Pyracantha, Ivy, Sequoia Gigantea

Rooting Powder #8: difficult evergreens and dormant leafless cuttings, Grape, Maple, Lilac

Rooting Powder #16: Juniperus Torulosa, Thuja Pyramidalis

Rooting Powder #30: Chamaecyparius Obtusa Area, Ilex Aquafolium, Taxus

Rooting Powder #45: Juniperus Tamariscifolia

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Dip 'n Grow Liquid Rooting Hormone
Our Best Seller!

A liquid rooting concentrate that is easily diluted with water to the required strength for soft, medium or hardwood cuttings. One gallon does it all! Dip 'N Grow's exclusive, proven formula contains both 1 percent Indole-3-butyric acid and one half percent 1-Naphthaleneacetic acid, the recognized rooting auxins (IBA and NAA). Easily absorbed into the cutting tissue with a 3-5 second dip. Healthier for workers and plants, the formula utilizes an alcohol base that is self-sanitizing and free of airborne dust particles.

16 ounce

1 gallon

Pro Grow
Propagation Mats and Thermostats

Warm and cozy seedlings and cuttings!

That's what will sprout from flats placed directly on your Pro Grow propagation mats. These heavy rubber mats produce even bottom heat.

PM2 Mat 22" x 22"
flat capacity 2 1020's
200 watts @ 120 volts

PM-9A Mat 22" x 60"
flat capacity 5 1020's
200 watts @ 120 volts

GC-1 Gro-Control Thermostat
for use with up to 2 mats

GC-4 Gro-Control Thermostat
for use with up to 4 mats

Also available from Pro Grow: Cooling Thermostats, combination Heating and Cooling Thermostats, Humidity Controls, Sequence Timer Controls


The Agritape Root Heating System can be custom configured to fit any bench layout. This system is composed of Agritapes in 11" widths, any length, the aluminum mesh screen that rolls out over the tape grounding and protecting the tape, and a thermostatic controller. Ask your AHS representative for details to order. Smaller growing projects can be accommodated with the standard units described below.
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Agritape Heat Mat
11" x 10' comes with 12" wide grounding screen

AT-JR Controller
Operates up to 80 linear feet of Agritape within 1 degree F

Bulk Cases of Oasis
Oasis Wedges

Oasis Wedge Growing Medium’s unique shape minimizes the need for dibbling and directs root growth downward. Rapid soil-type root development means propagated cuttings adapt more quickly to growing medium after transplanting.

Oasis 5625 Wedge Double Strips
34 units/strip, 72 strips/case; 2,448 total cells/case

Oasis 5635 Wedge Strips with clips
10 count strip with connecting clips. 280 strips/case; 2,800 total cells/case

Oasis 5656 Wedge Strips no clips
13 count strip. 280 strips/case; 3,640 total cells/case

Oasis 5615 Wedge Medium Only
Refill for 5625, 5643 universal hole. 17 units/strip, 120 strips/case; 2,040 units/case

Oasis Horticubes

Oasis HC 1" Medium Horticubes
162 units/sheet, 20 sheets/case; 3,240 units/case

Oasis HC 1" Thin Cut Horticubes
276 units/sheet, 20 sheets/case; 5,520 units/case

Oasis LC-1 1½" Medium Horticubes
medium, 50 units/sheet, 20 sheets/case; 1,000 units/case

Oasis Rootcubes

Oasis 1" Medium Rootcubes
10 units/strip, 190 strips/case; 1,900 units/case

Oasis 1¼" Medium Rootcubes
104 units/sheet, 20 sheets/case; 2,080 units/case

NEW Oasis Retail Tray Packs

The ultimate for seed germination. Lower density, higher drainage, perfect for hydroponic operations. All trays are individually shrink-wrapped and sold in cases of 8 trays.

Horticubes 162 cell sheets, 8 trays/case #63100-87-52251

Horticubes 276 cell sheets, 8 trays/case #63100-87-52311

Rootcubes Plus

Contains a small nutrient charge, very fine cell structure for better contact. All trays are individually shrink-wrapped and sold in cases of 8 trays.

Rootcubes Plus 50 cell sheets, 8 trays/case #63100-87-55500

Rootcubes Plus 104 cell sheets, 8 trays/case #63100-87-52104

Promotes uniform root growth for outstanding growth!


Jiffy Pots are the environment friendly alternative to the excessive use of plastics in the horticulture industry.

Call your AHS sales person to order any Jiffy products. Visit for downloads with recommendations regarding the propagation of particular plants with Jiffy products.

Go Jiffy, Go Natural!
Jiffy Pots
Unit Size 1020 Fits Case Item #
2” x 2” round w/ slits 45 4,000 #37000-119
2¾” x 3½” round 28 2,000 #37000-127
3” x 3” round 18 1,500 #37000-130
3½” x 4” square w/ slits 18 1,000 #37000-240
4” x 3½” square w/ slits 16
800 #37000-249
5” x 4” round na 640 #37000-150
Jiffy Poly-Paks
Unit Size Sheet Case Item #
1½” x 3” 72 3,456 #37000-520
3” x 3” 18 972 #37000-330
4” x 3½” 16 448 #37000-239
Jiffy Poly-Pak 2" x 3" units pre-loaded into trays of 50.
Fits in a 1020 flat, 2,400 units per case.

Optimum Root Structure . Consistency . Stamina . Versatility

Fast, Easy, Flexible TRANSPLANTING

Used by nurserymen around the world, Jiffy-7's provide a clean, cost-effective propagation product of consistent quality. Combining environment friendly biodegradability with suitability for mechanization, "Jiffy" is a global standard.

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